Boost your Sales results

Different steps are needed to do so:

  • Screening: to know where you stand. Gandamo will screen the current way of working objectively, as an independent partner with a clear vision and experience.
  • Intelligent Sales Management: a different sales methodology leading to better results.
  • Effective Lead generation: even an efficient sales engine stalls without fuel (leads).
    Look at our Marketing solutions, to see how Gandamo can help to generate more and better leads.

The screening covers four activities:

  • Planning: is your sales strategy right and well implemented?
  • Lead management: how are leads generated, managed and followed up?
  • Sales: is the sales process efficient?
  • Retention: is there good customer retention?


Each activity is analysed in 3 domains:

  • Resources used

  • Processes

  • Implementation

This means Gandamo’s final screening contains 12 parts (4×3).

For each part Gandamo proposes concrete actions, which reinforce each other, leading to significant productivity gains.

Today, customers wait until 85% of their research is done, to contact a salesman (or not).

So it no longer is a sales cycle, but a “buying cycle”.

That is why a close collaboration between sales and marketing is essential.

Marketing must help to identify leads/prospects early in the buying cycle, do . the follow-up and involve the salesman at the appropriate time.

That is why Gandamo developed a new methodology:

SBCM ™ (Seasonal buying Cycle Management). 

This method provides a structured and proactive sales approach, with an analogy with seasons.

Gandamo provides advice, assistence, and training for a  successful implementation with sustained improvement of the sales results.

New media/technology changed the behavior of potential buyers strongly and irrevocably. That is why efficient lead generation is even more important today. Gandamo provides advice and training for more and better leads:
  • Planning: Profiling, detection, management, objectives, budgeting and resources
  • Execution: Content Marketing, Marketing Automation and Inbound Marketing
  • Continuous management and follow-up: Lead scoring/nurturing