We offer training on sales, marketing, internationalization and communication.

Twee possible formats:

  • Fixed format: specific date, with enrollment and a price/participant. Because this is a multi-company training, it allows for the exchange of ideas and experiences which can be an added value.
  • Company internal: tailor made, specific training for a group of colleagues (minimum 10 participants)

Intelligent Sales Management

Purchasing behavior has changed significantly in recent times. Today it is more of a “Buying” than a “Sales” cycle.


Time for a new approach


This course learns you:

  • how to map the whole cycle in a structured way
  • to have a consequent communication through the whole organization (marketing and sales)
  • to focus on the right actions in the buying cycle, with the best results.
  • how to avoid a price war with better chances for higher margins.
Number of days2
Price per pers. (excl. VAT)1200 €

Lead Generation

Social media/new  technology changed the buying behavior significantly and irrevocably. Efficient lead generation is even more important today.

This training course gives a better insight:

  • Planning: Profiling, detection, implementation, objectives, budgeting en resources

  • Execution: Content Marketing, Marketing Automation and Inbound Marketing

  • Continuous management and follow-up: Lead scoring/nurturing


Number of days1
Price per pers. (excl. VAT)600 €

International Go-to-Market

As an SME there is a moment when you need to decide whether to go international. This comes with a lot of questions that need answering.

This course learns you to:

  • Analyse your company readiness.
  • Which market(s) to select?
  • How to enter and approach these markets?
  • What are the risks and barriers?
  • How to develop a commercial plan?
Number of days2
Price per pers. (excl. VAT)1200 €

Data vizualisation

Effective communication depends on the way you visualize and present your data.

This course learns you to:

  • make presentations easy to understand and interesting
  • visualize data in a way that catches interest.
  • provide a memorable message.
Number of  dagen1
Price per pers. (excl. VAT)600 €