Make your marketing more efficient

This can be done in different areas:

  • Lead Generation: This is one of the core objectives of Marketing, create more sales opportunities.. Even an efficient sales engines stalles, when running out of fuel (leads).
  • International go-to-Market: Successful international expansion, requires a thorough planning and implementation.

New media/technology have seriously and irrevocibally changed the behavior of potential buyers. That is why efficient lead generation is so important today.

Gandamo gives advice and training for more and better lead generation:

  • Planning: Profiling, detection, implementation, objectives, budgeting and resources
  • Execution: Content Marketing, Marketing Automation and Inbound Marketing
  • Continuous management and follow-up: Lead scoring/nurturing

International Marketing: Go-to-Market

As a SME je have to decide at some moment, to go international. This raises a lot of questions…

and answers?

Gandamo can help here:

  • Analyse if your company is ready to go international.
  • Which market(s) to select
  • How to enter and approach this market?
  • What are the risks, the barriers?
  • How to devzlop a commercial plan?

Gandamo has  broad experience with all aspects of international business.
Philippe Carron is a lecture for “International Marketing” at Artevelde College University in Ghent.