Keynote speaker

Looking for an interesting and convincing keynote speaker?
Philippe Carron speaks 4 languages fluently (Dutch, English, French and German) and is an experienced guest speaker on subjects like sales, marketing and strategy, but also on technology.

Take your pick from one of the following keynote presentations. Tailor made presentations are also possible.

How can I find new customers… a challenge for many companies.

A classic approach doesn’t work anymore. But what works well in this digital world and social media?
What are the channels with the best results?

This and many other questions are answered in this presentation (30-60 minutes).

Sales Management

How do make your sales team and approach more effective?
Today’s sales people no longer control potential customers, who are very much on control of their own choices.

The “sales” cycle doesn’t exist anymore, there only is a “buying” cycle.

Salesmen and teams that don’t adapt , will not survive.
This keynote presents a unique approach, to do this successfully.

International Marketing

Sooner or later, a company will need to decide wether or not to go international.
That raises a lot of questions:

  • Am I ready for it?
  • Which market(s) to enter?
  • How and/or with whom?
  • What is my Marketing strategy?

This  keynote can help the public with these questions.

Professional presentations/data visualisation

Convincing communication can only happen with strong data visualization.
In this keynote weshow , how  better data visualisation can strengthen the impact of your communication.


Technology, humans and society

This audiovisual presentation covers the convergence of technology (Internet of Things, 3D-printing, Artificiële Intelligentie/robotica) and the influence it has on humankind and society. This keynote takes about 60 minutes and is supported with video and images.