We provide advice to companies, mostly SME’s.

Our consultants have at least 25 years of experience. Their advice  is based on this broad, practical knowledge and experience..

We don’t provide juniors at a senior tariff.

Intelligent Sales Management

Purchasing behavior has changed significantly. Today, there is a “Buying” instead of a “Sales cycle”.

Time for a new approach…

Gandamo has developed a new Sales methodology to manage this challenge, which:

  •  offers a clear and consistent structure to the “Buying cycle”
  • helps salesmen to do the right thing, at the right time, and with the best results.
  • avoids a price war and increases profit margins.
  • builds long term trusting relationships with you customers.

We advise and assist sales teams and their management to implement this methodology successfully.

New media/technology changed the behavior of potential buyers strongly and irrevocably. That is why efficient lead generation is even more important today. Gandamo provides advice and training for more and better leads:
  • Planning: Profiling, detection, management, objectives, budgeting and resources
  • Execution: Content Marketing, Marketing Automation and Inbound Marketing
  • Continuous management and follow-up: Lead scoring/nurturing

International Marketing: Go-to-Market

As a SME you might need to decide to go international some day. This raises a lot of questions…

and answers?

That is where Gandamo can help:

  • Analyse your company’s readiness.
  • Which markets to select
  • How to enter and approach that market?
  • What are the risks and barriers?
  • How to develop a commercieel plan?

Gandamo has a broad experience with all aspects of international business.
Philippe Carron is a lecturer “International Marketing” at the Artevelde Hogeschool in Ghent.

Professional presentation/data visualization

Convincing communication can only be done if your data visualization is strong.

Gandamo has a large experience in this matter and can help you reinforce your communication.